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Buying or selling a home can be very tricky. We hope the following resources help you locate service professionals or information to help you with everything we can't.

Lenders & Mortgage Brokers

While many people are able to secure mortgages from the bank they currently do business with, mortgage brokers can often get you competitive interest rates that may beat a bank's posted offer. If you haven't got a mortgage broker, listed below are a couple with whom many of our clients have had great success in obtaining mortgages for property specifically in Tumbler Ridge.

Property Inspections

One of the best ways to be certain of the condition of a home is to have it inspected by a certified home inspector to ensure you're not going to have any surprises when you move in. It's why we always include a home-inspection clause in offers we prepare. Below are the certified property inspectors we know to serve Tumbler Ridge.

Rental Resources

Residential tenancies in BC are governed by the Residential Tenancy Act. Our rental agents are familiar with this act, but you can view the act and other resources if you're looking for information.